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这是介绍足球的英语APP自助领取彩金38下载,主要介绍了An old sports;Modern football,欢迎点击下载。




Do you like football? Do you like football players? What’s your opinion about football? Modern football Almost all us know the Britain is the hometown of modern football. In the 11th century, some soldiers and poor workers began to play a kind of sports by kicking a ball filled of fur and leather(皮革), soon, the sport called football became famous all a round the Europe. Today football is the most popular sports in the word. More than 4,000,000,000 of people around Europe, America and Africa play and watch football. People watch football games, talk about football player and enjoy play football matches itself. Football is not only a kind of sport but also a part of daily life. Even some famous people such as politics and stars love football play it. At the same time, football has become a tool of earning money and gaining glory. Nowadays, more and more people make a living by football, including agents. players and proprietors(经营者).Football could create great economic benefit.Some great football associations like the FIFA,can influence the whole football world and make great decision which might be powerful. Football players can be very rich .For example, Eto’o,an Afirican football player who plays for the football club Moscow,has a yearly salary of more than 23,000,000Euro, that means his weekly salary has reached 40,000,000Euro. Another famous player David Beckham,has a yearly salary of 400,000,000,even richer than the U.N. president,Michael Obama. Some football clubs in England, Italy and Spain,are more than a kind of club.They have the greatest players and coaches in the world,and they also have the biggest groups of football fans and a long history.Sometimes, a club could even become a faith,or a party. More than football “Football isn’t just football.”In some areas in the world,football is a kind of religion,a kind of belief. In some poor countries,football is the only joy which the children could afford. Football heal the wound. War could destroy a country, but never a boy’s dream. War can’t defeat football Football unites us. The richer for me, the better for you Sometimes, football is violent, sometimes, football can be complicated , sometimes, football hurts.But no matter how it transfer , it still help people believe themselves , help people re-find their dreams. The most important , football wound be a part of life forever.






  • 介绍足球的英语APP自助领取彩金38


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